Why hire an adoption consultant?

When people find out I am an adoption consultant I get a lot of questions! Not many people have heard of using an adoption consultant in their journey. The beautiful thing is our family was in that same place before we said yes to our own adoption story. I've been right where you're at and I get it.

It takes most couples a long time to both be on the same page and timeline when they decide to finally say yes to starting the adoption process. So we are finally saying yes? YES! And then what? For my husband and I we started Googling domestic adoption, ethical adoption practices, how much adoption costs, adopting outside the state I live in, time frame, requirements, legal needs, home study services, international adoption, and so much more. I was so overwhelmed on where to even begin! We didn't want to miss any steps, sign on with an agency we would later regret because of ethics, who was going make our family profile book...AHHH! And then we found Christian Adoption Consultants and I set up a call. We made a list of every question we had and step by step she answered them all and I felt more and more at peace. She would walk us through every single step of of our journey, not letting us miss a beat, and went above and beyond in coaching/praying/ and serving us. We signed on with CAC in September, became an active family in December,  and 7 weeks after being active our son's birth mom chose us! 10 days later he was born and a few short months later we would finalize our adoption. We had the most positive experience and we felt it was seamless.

Josh and Ashley after adopting twice before knew their 
family wasn't yet complete. Coaching them from foster adopting
to details of domestic adoption. They welcomed home TWIN
boys only after 4.5 weeks of being an active family. 

Danielle and Joey started their second CAC adoption  
December 27th and welcomed home their son February 6th! 
Only 6 weeks later! 


- A step by step support from the very beginning from starting your home study, creating your profile book, signing on with ethical agencies, reviewing adoption cases with you, presenting to expecting moms, being chosen, hospital ethics, and welcoming home your baby you won't be figuring it out alone.

- Significant decrease in wait time . Now wait time shouldn't be your main concern, but finding  great partnerships with agencies who have ethical practices helps. Our multi agency approach means you can work with agencies and adoption lawyers all over the United State at a single time. This means you are not limited to one specific agency. Most of our CAC families have an average wait time of 6-10 months after being home study approved.

- Education and guidance for your adoption- We give families a step by step reference manual, equipping you with knowledge to walk each part of the process well. We work with you personally, helping you towards adoption grants and loans, laws in the states you are adopting from, how to navigate hard to talk about topics like open adoption and pre-natal substance use. One of the things I love most is helping educate families in their journey.

- Encouragement and caring personal support- As a company CAC has helped over 2,600 families adopt well. Your consultant comes along side you as a compassionate, praying, educated, adoption professional, who will support you every step of the way. We care about your story and consider it an honor to walk with you in your adoption journey.

It is such an honor to walk with families through their own adoption stories and help them do adoption well. If you are considering starting your own journey I would love to help answer any questions you have or receive a free information guide. 

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