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So nice to "meet" you!

My name is Fallon and I can't decide if I am a 7 or a 3 on the enneagram but what I can tell you is that I love helping others grow their family through adoption. It is my greatest honor to walk families through every single step of the process from paperwork, to creating a clean and modern profile book, helping connect them with ethical adoption agencies, and share personal insight on birth parent relationships. All of this because of our own personal adoption journey.

My husband and I knew we always wanted to adopt and have biological kids. We had no idea the struggle that would come from being diagnosed with unknown infertility. I felt isolated, devastated, and lost hope in naturally growing our family. In the middle of that hard season we found out we were pregnant with a little boy. We were shocked! In that season of pregnancy the Lord showed me how much fear I had been living in and it was time to release it and no longer let be captive to it. Over those 9 months I truly felt I was healed from the grips of fear and so when our son was born we named him Bravery. Marking his life and waiving the banner over him that he would stand boldly being intolerant to fear in his life.

4 years of infertility followed and in the middle of a new life season of change we knew this would be the season to say yes to adoption! We did lots of research and chose to work with Christian Adoption Consultants. We prayed daily for our child's parents, that they would have people around them that would give them the greatest support and love, and that when she held our book she would have a deep peace over her. Just seven weeks after we were active or son's birth mom said yes to us. I'll never forget the day she texted me I was sitting in the airport getting ready to jump on a plane and
then this...

"Good morning Fallon, I hope all is well! I enjoyed our talk last night. I let them know I would be choosing you guys this morning. I am so glad I found someone who is EXACTLY what I wanted. The feeling is 100% mutual." 

And right there in that airport I knew regardless if at the hospital she felt empowered to parent or if she were to place her son, I was let in to the most sacred space in her life, and not a single day goes by that is not lost on me.

10 days later Mama A went into labor early and we jumped on a plane from California to Florida if my legs had wings I would have gotten there faster. The rest is a story that is our son's alone to share. I am forever changed by simply putting our yes on the table, loving with arms wide open, and humbly crying and she handed me Nico and gave me all memories, milestones, and motherhood. Our open adoption has been the greatest gift I wasn't expecting and because of that my heart will always be on fire to help other families understand the weight and sacrifice of adoption.

So wherever your heart is at, whatever call the Lord has put on your life...the power of saying yes will take you to places that stretch you, but it will also bring you to places where life is filled with so much joy. Don't let the mountain ahead take you away from what is at the top, and in the meantime enjoy your journey in-between.  

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