Monday, September 14, 2020

Kevin and Rebecca's Whirlwind Adoption Story

You know those people you chat with for the first time and you feel like you have always known them? Enter Kevin and Rebecca! Coming alongside this sweet couple and watching them walk into parenthood for the first time was such a joy. They lead their own story with such heart, always putting their trust in God, and valuing ethics over everything. Their story was such a fast whirlwind and every call, text, and message that I received as they left their state in an instant to go meet the woman who would trust them with the forever was beautiful. I hope their story encourages your heart today! Read their story below:

In Rebecca and Kevin's Words  

We began our adoption journey after years of infertility battles. We were defeated and lost and knew we wanted to be parents, but moving forward after so many lows felt so hard. We prayed about adoption, and after a long season of really making sure we were ready to say yes we started to reach out to local agencies. We have many family members that have been adopted in our lives so we knew we could love a child without hesitation, we just couldn’t see us really being happy with a truly open adoption. But gosh, did God have other plans and did our hearts radically change!  In a matter of a few months, He changed our hearts into truly desiring an open adoption above all else. We knew the more our child would have connection to his biological family the healthier it would be for everyone. How could we be followers of an all-loving Christ and not want an open adoption?! Hard questions were asked, and God answered in beautiful ways. When we were mourning the loss of our “own child” (which now I know our own child is any child we have the honor of raising),  God clearly explained to me that no one makes their own children, God does. And that hits home every single day in our adoption. We prayed for His timeline, for His plan, and He delivered. Everything was so quick, but yet so perfectly in place we can’t deny that this truly is God’s plan for us and our family. We reached out to CAC and had a chance to chat with Fallon about what an adoption journey would look like. We felt so at peace, connected with her so quickly, and knew this was the perfect partner for us! 

We quickly signed up, went through the adoption education and home study, and became an active and waiting family. We had a handful of adoption cases that we didn’t present to, praying over each one and listening to His guidance. Our heart with each profile was to really match with the expecting mom, to want to have a relationship with her behind the baby she brings. Then we received an expecting mom's story that we just knew it our hearts we wanted to say yes to knowing we were fully ready to come alongside this mom if she felt it was right for her.  It was the first and only profile we said yes to, nervously waiting a week to hear back from the agency on her choice. 

She chose us! It’s the most incredibly humbling experience to be chosen. We got the official call on June 30th and baby’s due date was July 2nd. We rushed down to their state, and the most beautiful perfect baby boy was born July 7th. The relationship we have with his birth family grows by the day, the love his birth mom has for him is inspiring. I count it such a blessing to know her. 

God knows what your family needs. He knows your hearts, and has your miracle waiting for you already. Waiting is what let’s us grow and gain God’s wisdom for our lives. The hardest thing we ever did was not going through the process of adoption, it was waiting for our baby. Once we held him in our arms we felt like we were holding a miracle. Trust in our Lord. He will never fail you. 

Working with Fallon has been a true joy. Her and I got along so well and connected like good friends over our many phone calls and emails and voice messages and texts. I am an over-communicator, an ‘I have a million questions for you’ type of person, and Fallon never let me down in her timeframe of response, or her constant encouragement and wisdom. When we were feeling the unknown, Fallon reminded us that God’s got it, and that her and CAC were here for us the whole way. Her excitement for us when we matched our tears in our eyes, it was so genuine. She walked us through the entire process, over a holiday weekend even! I definitely recommend working with Fallon, and Christian Adoption Consultants any day!”

- Rebecca & Kevin 

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