Wednesday, March 11, 2020

TWINS!! Josh and Ashley's Adoption Story

TWINS! Josh and Ashley's Adoption Story. 

Hi Ashley and Josh...can you hear me ok? Are you sitting down? You've been chosen to parent twins! When I first talked with Ashley and Josh, I got to hear their journey to parenthood through foster care, which lead to the adoption of their son and daughter. It was evident how much they had the heart of adoption, deep care for birth parents, and such a beautiful faith that would lead them to all that was ahead. Little did I know just a few short months later I would be driving to their house and meeting their newborn twin boys! 

I remember the day I got an email about an expecting mom who was looking to possibly make an adoption plan for her twin boys that would be born in a few short months. I called Ashley and Josh to let them know this very special adoption story was going to be emailed over to them in just a bit and if they had any questions to just let me know.  It was almost instant that I got a call back saying they felt so strongly about saying yes, and started praying over this expecting mom and this impossible decision she would be contemplating. Shortly after profile books were taken to her and she felt the same connection. They knew that they were welcomed into a sacred place to walk alongside her in this season, no matter if she chose at the end of her journey to place her boys or parent them. Ashley and Josh walked with her with open hands, open hearts, and didn't take that invitation to know her lightly. 

Even though Josh and Ashley were parents, they had never parented in the newborn season and very soon they would be loving and caring for 2! They prepared as much as you can for twins, but also kept in mind that these were still her babies and until she chose them in those final steps that they would parents again. I remember getting their text that they were on their way to the hospital filled with both nerves and joy. I so admired seeing how humbly, carefully, and faithfully they walked their journey. A few weeks later they welcomed home their boys and introduced them to their big brother and sister. Their family of four was complete. 

I was so encouraged by Josh and Ashley's story from infertility, to foster case, to foster adoption, to starting the journey of domestic infant adoption and finally completing their family. With care, thought, love, selflessness, and joy. They leaned into the hard parts, kept their promises, and placed love at the front of each step. I am so excited for your amazing family of 6! 

From Ashley and Josh

"When we began the search for the best avenue to start the adoption process we were recommended Christian Adoption Consultants. After our first call with Fallon we felt completely at ease and knew this was the perfect fit for our family. She listened, was extremely knowledgeable, had a heart for the entire adoption triad and by the end of our journey felt like we had made a friend. She walked us through every single step of our journey from finding us an amazing home study agency, creating our beautiful profile book, and always being available for the questions that we had along the journey. Knowing that she was quick text message and call away was so encouraging. She took what felt like an overwhelming journey and step by step walked us through it.  Fallon was our advocate and above all had the heart of Jesus. She was genuinely praying over us and offing such needed encouragement. I am so thankful we found CAC and Fallon that lead us to our boys who we feel so humbled and grateful to raise."

Meeting the boys and learning to how to hold twins. I need practice lol. Thank you Josh and Ashley for trusting me and CAC for your adoption. So blessed to have walked alongside you and watch you become a beautiful family of six! 

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