Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Sisters! Adoption After Secondary Infertility

I remember so clearly the first time to talked on the phone with Nikki and Andrew. They were struggling with secondary infertility and adoption had been growing in their hearts for a long time. I connected with their story because it was the same journey my husband and I walked. They welcomed home their second daughter and just a few years earlier we welcomed home our second son. They were faith filled, purposeful, and I watched them lean into their journey with such hope. It was such an honor to work with them and now I get to call them friends. I hope their story below encourages you the way it has me.

Nikki and Andrew's Adoption Story

"We started our adoption journey with great hesitation after 14 months of fertility treatments for secondary infertility. We had felt like God had been laying adoption on our hearts for some time but we had been ignoring that call. Finally our hearts were broken enough that we knew we needed to say yes to being faithful to that call.

After one call with her my mind was put to ease and we were ready to get started with CAC. I knew they would be ethical and help us along the way while always pointing us back to the Lord.

We started off at full speed because that’s the way I do everything! In my mind if I went as fast as I could, I could get to my baby sooner. I set out to do my home study in record time, only to be held up 105 days waiting for a single piece of paper. This was my first experience with this whole adoption journey being out of my control! It would be the first of many.

Once we finally got our Home Study approved I was ready to rock and roll! We said yes frequently never wanting to have any “down time”. Always moving towards our baby as fast as we could. We were heart broken when over and over we would be passed up for another family. It is very hard to keep your head up and not start to wonder what is wrong with you and your family. Fallon was always good to remind me that it’s all in Gods timing and in His hands. He would not let us miss our baby! He had already chosen the right baby for us it was only a matter of time. She was an authentic and true encourager during our journey.

So many twists and turns with our agencies and their processes. So many cases sounded like they would rather have a family with no children. We started to get very discouraged and worried that we would never be chosen because of our daughter Lyla. She would make such a great big sister but it started to seem hopeless to us.

We had some pretty amazing twists and turns that led us to being listed with an agency in Nevada that we never intended to apply to. God was at the wheel making sure we had a straight path to our daughter and her birth family. Later I would learn just how busy He had been helping and working with our daughter's sweet Birth Mama and making her path to us straight. She had been matched with an unethical agency and was mistreated (also, why we were so glad CAC only works with ethical agencies and not one like that). She found her way to that Nevada agency and found the love and care she had been looking for. We said yes to her story because we had so much in common! She tells us now that when she opened our profile book tears filled her eyes because she knew immediately that we were the ones. God had been laying adoption on her heart too all along. Even more, she wanted us BECAUSE of our sweet Lyla! How could we have ever thought that our sweet girl would be a hindrance to God’s plan!

We were in the waiting period a little longer than we had planned but our match was so short that we still had our daughter in our arms 8 months after our home study was approved and only 11 months after we started the process and hired CAC! We would have gone through this season a thousand times over to know our daughters birth mom and walk alongside her.

When you are in the waiting period remember: It’s so hard to wait when it feels like God has gone silent and you don’t know when it will end. From the other side, I can tell you, without a doubt, that God is busy during those silent times. Don’t forget how many people’s hearts He is working on and through during this time. You can’t mess it up. You won’t miss your baby. God will not leave you in the valley! Your baby is coming!"

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