Saturday, September 7, 2019

Karen and David's Story

The first time I talked to Karen and David on the phone I loved how they shared their story of what brought them to this place of saying YES. They were tendered hearted, full of faith, and believing that Jesus had them every single step of their journey. It was so much fun creating their profile book and getting to know their lives in the Pacific Northwest more and more and see how their love for each other would turn into a deep love for their daughter and her birth mom. I enjoyed working with them so much and could not be more excited to watch them become parents for the first time. Here is their story:

In Karen's Words- 

Today, as my husband so wonderfully reminded me, is the one year anniversary of us calling up the Christian Adoption Consultants number and signing up for the ride of our lives. Looking back and remembering each stage, each up and down of our rollercoaster, the biggest stability and hugest blessing we clung to was God's 

He was faithful in leading us to CAC and allowing us to work with our incredible consultant, Fallon Palacios. With each stage and each new obstacle, God provided in so many questions being easily and quickly answered because CAC was always supportive and on our case. God was ever present in the little and tedious things...the paperwork and countless signatures involved that constantly cramped our hands. He provided us with a quick and smooth homestudy with very few hiccups. Our family profile book, as daunting as it seemed to complete, was quickly and beautifully constructed by our CAC consultant. What a blessing! And after mailing countless manilla envelopes to countless addresses, the next phase of presenting to birth mothers commensed. In each rejection, God reminded us that HE had the perfect plan for us. The "nos" were there for a reason, no matter how hard they were to hear. Then, when we heard that "yes", we celebrated yet again God's neverending faithfulness to us. 

We are so blessed to now have our beautiful little girl living in our home. However hard the wait was, we can honestly say God's hand was in EACH day of that nail biting, impatient waiting.  Because we now can look into our daughter's eyes and see her smile back at her mommy and daddy. What a precious sight! And it is our deep and fervent prayer that this beautiful girl will learn of God's faithfulness in her own unique journey. 

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