Monday, September 23, 2019

Dave and Cate's Adoption Story of Perseverance

It was such a pleasure to work with Dave and Cate in their adoption journey. I remember the first time we talked and heard their story of being active with a local adoption attorney for over a year but felt like they were slipping through the cracks. They experienced a devastating loss and didn't know how to move forward. They waited with such hope and anticipation but were starting to become discouraged. Then they heard about CAC and reached out in faith. They had fears about even being chosen because they were already parents and were told that they were "less desirable" because of their 8 year old son. But Jesus doesn't work that way, He knows that when we step out in faith amazing things happen. And this is their story, despite being told in the past it would take years, EIGHT weeks after becoming an active family were chosen by an expecting mom who would complete their forever family. 



"The pregnancy with our first son was very difficult and when we heard that we would be unable to conceive another child we decided to look into adoption. Our son was diagnosed with Autism, so we put off adoption for a few more years to make sure he was getting everything he needed. Once we finally made the decision to move forward with adoption we quickly completed our home study and signed up with a local attorney. We were told that a match could take years because we had an older son which made us “less desirable” to expectant moms. We didn't know how to take that news, but we did know that we had a passion inside us to walk along an expecting mom and walk fully ahead towards adoption.


In February we were matched through our attorney and were so excited to finally complete our family. However, we were devastated when we got to the hospital and found out that this precious baby boy was born with a fatal condition and placed on life support and we were told we wouldn't be able to bring him home. We were wrecked for his mom, for his life he could have lived, and we went home in utter disbelief.  We felt like we were shells of who we were before. It took a long time for us to feel "normal" again and even though we knew adoption was rooted deep in our hearts we had no idea how to move forward. We needed support, guidance, prayer, and above all someone who was going to care for these expecting families incredibly well. 

I knew I could not give up on the dream God put in my heart, so I continued to wait for a possible match through our attorney but never heard anything. On various adoption Facebook pages, I kept hearing about Christian Adoption Consultants. I was shocked at how quick people were getting chosen by expecting moms and how you could sign up with multiple agencies at one time while having a consultant guide you through the process. Someone to actually care about my family and guide us through the process, that seemed so foreign from what I had experienced so far. I spoke to my husband and we decided to go for it. I contacted CAC and got a call from their amazing consultant Fallon. She told me about the ethical standards they had,  their low wait time, how to do adoption well, her amazing adoption story and it just seemed too good to be true, but I took a leap of faith and was signed up with CAC the next business day. Fallon created a beautiful profile book for my family and we were matched through one of their agencies in June (within the month of signing with CAC). About a week after the match the expectant mom had changed her mind and although we were happy she felt empowered to parent, we were heartbroken again. But this time I had Fallon right there to help me through the heart ache and to remind me that God had a plan for my family, also the agency CAC had matched through encouraged us and let us know that they would continue leading us well. 

Well God and the agency were true to their promises, and on July 14that 3:30 am I got a call that a mom wanted us to be the parents to her baby boy and she was currently on the way to the OR for an emergency c section. We met our son in the Utah in the NICU at 1:00pm that day because he was born early and right when I saw him I knew that even single step was worth it. The agency and Fallon were in contact with me throughout the whole experience and we never ever felt alone. The NICU staff in Utah was amazing and we brought our healthy baby home July 21, 2019. We named him Phoenix and he stands boldy in his name.  We had a wonderful experience with Fallon and with CAC and the agency they found for us.  I wish we would have known that there was a company like CAC in the beginning that cared about us through every single step of the process. Fallon was always encouraging, a phone call away at all times, and our family is now complete because of that step of faith." - Cate 


  1. Wow. What an incredible journey and a powerful story. God has got just the right little one and his timing is always perfect. Dave, Kate & their son are the exact perfect family for Phoenix. I live all the photos too!

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