Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Navigating "The Planner" in the Journey! Jeul and Jason's Adoption Story

I could hardly believe it! DID YOU SEE THE EMAIL!? The precious baby girl who was just born...her mom chose you and Jason! Get ready to go and meet your daughter!

I have felt so incredibly grateful to walk alongside Jeul and Jason in their adoption journey. Little did we know when they said yes, just five weeks after their home study was completed, that they would meet their daughter and be back home as a family of three. As a planner myself, I saw how this amazing couple, lead by faith, pushed all their timelines aside and truly leaned into the unknown. I watched how they came alongside their daughter's birth mom to love her so well. Caring deeply for her knowing this was just the beginning to their relationship. Sometimes the best things in life come when we let go of our own timelines. Jeul and Jason's story is such a testimony to that very thing. I couldn't be happier for you both and all that is ahead for your precious family.

In Jeul and Jason's Words:

So full disclosure: I’m a planner. I can’t help it. I’ve always been that way as long as I can remember. And part of planning is carefully thinking through all the what-ifs and possibilities, making contingency plans and almost always having the answer. But God is so good, and in His totally perfect plan, He took all our plans and threw them out the window.

I had always wanted to adopt, and my husband, Jason, was equally excited by the idea. We have been married eight years, and for the first six, traveled extensively for work; followed by a year and a half of opening a new business. We had starter conversations about adoption many times over the years but never felt like the timing was “right” to start the process, and for better or worse, we stuck to our (in our opinion) logical plans. 

Along with being a planner, I am a perpetual questioner, which results in needing to understand all the options and going down every Google rabbit hole I can possibly find. So when I heard about CAC, the idea of someone coming alongside us and helping us navigate the complex world of adoption, seemed too good to be true. Then we talked to Fallon on the phone and knew it was a no brainer.

Armed with a to-do list a mile long, we set to work at the beginning of October. The plan was simple: gather all the paperwork in October, have the final home study papers by the end of November, create the profile and go live with agencies by the end of December. Then we would wait. And honestly, I was ok with that. It would give us time to make more plans - gather items, put together a nursery, go on a babymoon. When we told our close circle of friends about our decision, we said, “It will probably be about 9 months to a year if not longer.” And that was good. Our plan made sense.

October, November and December went just as we hoped, and we were live with four agencies by the end of the year. Fallon told us that around the holidays things are usually quiet, and again, we were good with that. 

Then the night before we left on a trip to California in mid-January, we received our first situation. A beautiful baby girl, born December 30, 2019, was in Florida waiting for a forever home. As I read through the information I kept thinking, “This is not the plan. This is not what we talked about.” And that is when God began reminding me that faith in Him does not rely on our plans, and that His plan is perfect EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

What followed was a whirlwind of anxious trust, surrendered timelines and unexpected blessings. Within a few days we had sent in our application; a week later we got an email saying we had been chosen; the next day we talked to her amazing mom; the day after we signed papers; a few days later we met our baby girl; two weeks later we were waiting out our ICPC; and a week after that we were back home. All in all, a total of five weeks since we had gotten our first situation from Fallon.

Thinking back on it now, everything about it was not how I would have imagined our journey to be. We had left on what was a postponed holiday trip to visit Jason’s parents and returned four weeks late with a daughter. We hadn’t even told most people we were adopting. We had absolutely nothing - actually, I take that back, we had some baby wipes and an Atlanta United onesie. We hadn’t had a shower. I hadn’t done research on my prefered formula ingredients. We didn’t have any names picked out. The nursery wasn’t done. I was still working full time with unfinished freelance projects. We didn’t have a pediatrician lined up. Or a clue as to what we were doing. 

And yet, through it all, God’s fingerprints were all over our adoption story, and it has been so obvious that His timing is perfect. As a planner and a constant worrier (I’m a solid 6 on the Enneagram), being forced to scrap all my well-made plans and rely solely on the provision and timing of the Lord has been incredibly and surprisingly freeing. There are so many “coincidences”, so many perfect scenarios that have occured over the past few months of starting our family of three - there is no doubt in either of our minds that our daughter was meant for us.

I had always heard that the adoption journey can be difficult and that through all the waiting, the lessons, the highs and the lows, God prepares the expectant parents for their child. For us, it took Him throwing away our timeline, disregarding logical steps and leaving us with absolutely no option other than to put our complete trust in His grace, love and provision. They are lessons we didn’t think we needed, and they are lessons I’m sure we will need again. But for now, we are resting in His perfect plan and thanking Him every day for not letting us stick with ours. 

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Jack and Alyssa's Adoption Story

Jack & Alyssa's Journey: 

There is something so beautiful when you walk alongside a family who's hearts are postured towards love every step of the way. I remember the first time I talked with Jack and Alyssa, the questions they were asking were so pure. They had little to do with them and everything to do with the support and well being of the expecting mom they might one day be chosen by. Throughout their entire adoption journey, with faith, they put that love at the forefront of their path, which led them to an amazing women who would trust them with the most precious thing, her son. I feel so honored to have been trusted to walk alongside them and witness them become parents for the first time. Please read their words and be encouraged by their story.

In Jack and Alyssa's words:

"Adoption is something that my husband and I talked about before we were even married. We are both very passionate about adoption and knew that we wanted it to be a part of how our family grew. In February 2019, God clearly and vividly told us that it was time for us to start our adoption journey. After praying about it and discussing it together, we decided that adoption was going to be how we started our family. I immediately began researching everything that I could, and that is how we found CAC. We had a very important list of standards in who we chose to work with and CAC was the right fit. After talking with Fallon, we knew that if we were going to adopt we absolutely wanted to have her expertise and encouragement throughout the process because she made us feel so comfortable and at ease.

We got our home study and profile book done super fast, and jumped into the waiting process. It took us 5 months of actively waiting before an expecting mom chose us. I know that many couples wait so much longer than that, but the wait and patience of something so longed for was hard, and we took each day with grace. There were plenty of "no's"  and many moments of tears. The beautiful thing about that part of our journey was how much we had to lean into our relationship with the Lord and trust His perfect timing. We didn't wish away this time, but rather grow in the middle of it together. 

When our son's birth mom chose us it was an immediate heart connection and every “no” that we heard before her became totally worth it. We loved each other instantly, and after meeting her in person we felt like family.

Our roller coaster adoption became a lot more crazy when we hit some bumps in the road.  We were afraid, his birth momma was afraid, but in the end God worked it all out beautifully. Fallon was such an encouragement through it all, checking up on us every day and seeing what she could do to help. I don’t know how we would have gotten through that month without her!

Our son came a full month early, so we were not prepared at all! When his birth momma called me to tell me that she needed to be induced in a day and a half, she was in tears because she thought we weren’t going to be there. My family spent hours helping us find an overnight flight, and we made it to the hospital across the country before he was born! 

That time at the hospital was so sacred and humbling. We spent the whole day with Momma D while she was in labor, and we were able to meet our sweet boy just a few minutes after he was born. I will never forget the moment I laid eyes on him- everything, every disappointment, every bit of stress, was completely worth it. I’m pretty sure that his birth momma and I pretty much only said “isn't he just perfect?” Back and forth for the first two days because he truly was the picture of perfection to us all! We now have an open adoption with Momma D and we love her so so much. 

We are so unbelievably thankful for CAC and Fallon. None of this would have been possible without them and we HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking to adopt. This journey is not one you want to be doing alone, and Fallon was the perfect companion for us through it all. 

***If you are interested in learning more about adoption and services we provide at Christian Adoption Consultants, I would love to chat! Feel free to email me, Fallon Palacios, at   Fallon@christianadoptionconsultant.com and check out www.christianadoptionconsultants.com for more information!! ***

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

TWINS!! Josh and Ashley's Adoption Story

TWINS! Josh and Ashley's Adoption Story. 

Hi Ashley and Josh...can you hear me ok? Are you sitting down? You've been chosen to parent twins! When I first talked with Ashley and Josh, I got to hear their journey to parenthood through foster care, which lead to the adoption of their son and daughter. It was evident how much they had the heart of adoption, deep care for birth parents, and such a beautiful faith that would lead them to all that was ahead. Little did I know just a few short months later I would be driving to their house and meeting their newborn twin boys! 

I remember the day I got an email about an expecting mom who was looking to possibly make an adoption plan for her twin boys that would be born in a few short months. I called Ashley and Josh to let them know this very special adoption story was going to be emailed over to them in just a bit and if they had any questions to just let me know.  It was almost instant that I got a call back saying they felt so strongly about saying yes, and started praying over this expecting mom and this impossible decision she would be contemplating. Shortly after profile books were taken to her and she felt the same connection. They knew that they were welcomed into a sacred place to walk alongside her in this season, no matter if she chose at the end of her journey to place her boys or parent them. Ashley and Josh walked with her with open hands, open hearts, and didn't take that invitation to know her lightly. 

Even though Josh and Ashley were parents, they had never parented in the newborn season and very soon they would be loving and caring for 2! They prepared as much as you can for twins, but also kept in mind that these were still her babies and until she chose them in those final steps that they would parents again. I remember getting their text that they were on their way to the hospital filled with both nerves and joy. I so admired seeing how humbly, carefully, and faithfully they walked their journey. A few weeks later they welcomed home their boys and introduced them to their big brother and sister. Their family of four was complete. 

I was so encouraged by Josh and Ashley's story from infertility, to foster case, to foster adoption, to starting the journey of domestic infant adoption and finally completing their family. With care, thought, love, selflessness, and joy. They leaned into the hard parts, kept their promises, and placed love at the front of each step. I am so excited for your amazing family of 6! 

From Ashley and Josh

"When we began the search for the best avenue to start the adoption process we were recommended Christian Adoption Consultants. After our first call with Fallon we felt completely at ease and knew this was the perfect fit for our family. She listened, was extremely knowledgeable, had a heart for the entire adoption triad and by the end of our journey felt like we had made a friend. She walked us through every single step of our journey from finding us an amazing home study agency, creating our beautiful profile book, and always being available for the questions that we had along the journey. Knowing that she was quick text message and call away was so encouraging. She took what felt like an overwhelming journey and step by step walked us through it.  Fallon was our advocate and above all had the heart of Jesus. She was genuinely praying over us and offing such needed encouragement. I am so thankful we found CAC and Fallon that lead us to our boys who we feel so humbled and grateful to raise."

Meeting the boys and learning to how to hold twins. I need practice lol. Thank you Josh and Ashley for trusting me and CAC for your adoption. So blessed to have walked alongside you and watch you become a beautiful family of six! 

***If you are interested in learning more about adoption and services we provide at Christian Adoption Consultants, I would love to chat! Feel free to email me, Fallon Palacios, at   Fallon@christianadoptionconsultant.com and check out www.christianadoptionconsultants.com for more information!! ***

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Sisters! Adoption After Secondary Infertility

I remember so clearly the first time to talked on the phone with Nikki and Andrew. They were struggling with secondary infertility and adoption had been growing in their hearts for a long time. I connected with their story because it was the same journey my husband and I walked. They welcomed home their second daughter and just a few years earlier we welcomed home our second son. They were faith filled, purposeful, and I watched them lean into their journey with such hope. It was such an honor to work with them and now I get to call them friends. I hope their story below encourages you the way it has me.

Nikki and Andrew's Adoption Story

"We started our adoption journey with great hesitation after 14 months of fertility treatments for secondary infertility. We had felt like God had been laying adoption on our hearts for some time but we had been ignoring that call. Finally our hearts were broken enough that we knew we needed to say yes to being faithful to that call.

After one call with her my mind was put to ease and we were ready to get started with CAC. I knew they would be ethical and help us along the way while always pointing us back to the Lord.

We started off at full speed because that’s the way I do everything! In my mind if I went as fast as I could, I could get to my baby sooner. I set out to do my home study in record time, only to be held up 105 days waiting for a single piece of paper. This was my first experience with this whole adoption journey being out of my control! It would be the first of many.

Once we finally got our Home Study approved I was ready to rock and roll! We said yes frequently never wanting to have any “down time”. Always moving towards our baby as fast as we could. We were heart broken when over and over we would be passed up for another family. It is very hard to keep your head up and not start to wonder what is wrong with you and your family. Fallon was always good to remind me that it’s all in Gods timing and in His hands. He would not let us miss our baby! He had already chosen the right baby for us it was only a matter of time. She was an authentic and true encourager during our journey.

So many twists and turns with our agencies and their processes. So many cases sounded like they would rather have a family with no children. We started to get very discouraged and worried that we would never be chosen because of our daughter Lyla. She would make such a great big sister but it started to seem hopeless to us.

We had some pretty amazing twists and turns that led us to being listed with an agency in Nevada that we never intended to apply to. God was at the wheel making sure we had a straight path to our daughter and her birth family. Later I would learn just how busy He had been helping and working with our daughter's sweet Birth Mama and making her path to us straight. She had been matched with an unethical agency and was mistreated (also, why we were so glad CAC only works with ethical agencies and not one like that). She found her way to that Nevada agency and found the love and care she had been looking for. We said yes to her story because we had so much in common! She tells us now that when she opened our profile book tears filled her eyes because she knew immediately that we were the ones. God had been laying adoption on her heart too all along. Even more, she wanted us BECAUSE of our sweet Lyla! How could we have ever thought that our sweet girl would be a hindrance to God’s plan!

We were in the waiting period a little longer than we had planned but our match was so short that we still had our daughter in our arms 8 months after our home study was approved and only 11 months after we started the process and hired CAC! We would have gone through this season a thousand times over to know our daughters birth mom and walk alongside her.

When you are in the waiting period remember: It’s so hard to wait when it feels like God has gone silent and you don’t know when it will end. From the other side, I can tell you, without a doubt, that God is busy during those silent times. Don’t forget how many people’s hearts He is working on and through during this time. You can’t mess it up. You won’t miss your baby. God will not leave you in the valley! Your baby is coming!"

***If you are interested in learning more about adoption and services we provide at Christian Adoption Consultants, I would love to chat! Feel free to email me, Fallon Palacios, at   Fallon@christianadoptionconsultant.com and check out www.christianadoptionconsultants.com for more information!! ***

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Healthy Adoption Language

When we first started our adoption journey we were so uneducated in this new world we were stepping into. And for most of us who have never looked into the depths of adoption, adoptee testimonies, or have known birth families we are left at square one. Which is a great place to be because you can only grow and learn more if you choose to be teachable and truly lean in. I was thankful enough to have multiple people I looked up to in the adoption community openly share healthy adoption language. And let me tell you, words matter! They matter to the mom who placed her child, they matter to the adoptee who didn't chose their future, and they matter to the adoptive parents who put their entire lives into walking this journey. Words matter! 

If you are in the process of adopting, know someone who is adopting, or just want to better your adoption vocabulary keep reading. Most people will think these words are harmless, but we can lovingly help educate those around us, especially those who will be involved in your child's life as they grow. Being an adoptive parent myself I know first hand that most people WANT to have healthy adoption language, they just don't know it. So take a deep breath, try not to be offended, but instead take it as an opportunity to lovingly share with those around you. If you're an adoptive parent or hopeful adoptive parent it's our job to do adoption well, and this can be part of it:)

I can't even begin to tell you how hurt a birth mother would be if you asked her why she just "gave away her baby." Instead she is lovingly and carefully choosing a family to "place them" with. Purpose, care, thought, consideration, and discernment goes into who she chooses to forever care for her child. 

Or when a stranger asks an adoptive parent if they in fact still want "kids of their own." I can tell you from personal experience that both my adopted and biological children are in fact my own. And as their "real mom" I care for my children in real and beautiful ways. 

I would love to write a specific post about each one of these terms and why it's so important to understand the weight of what we say in the adoption community. I hope this encourages you and maybe even learn something new today. 

Feel free to read below !!

Terms to Avoid  and Positive Adoption Language

Unhealthy language                                      Healthy adoptive language 
Real mom/natural mom                                 Birth parent, birth-mother, birth-father 

Birth-mother (who is still pregnant)         Expecting mom who is considering adoption 

Children of your own                                     Biological children

Adopted child/own child                                My child

Adopted child                                                 Child

Is adopted                                                       Was adopted

Illegitimate                                                     Born to unmarried parents

Give up or put up for adoption                       Placed for adoption/ made an adoption plan
Adopt out                                                        Adoption

Keep the child                                                 Chose to parent/Empowered to parent 

Mixed race                                                       Bi-racial 

Bi-racial family                                               Trans-racial family/Muli-ethnic family 

Foreign adoption                                              International adoption

Hard to place/Available children                     Adoptable/waiting children

Handicapped                                                    Disabled/special needs

Terms to avoid :

“She’s so lucky to have you as parents.”

“You are such good people. I couldn’t raise someone else’s child.”

“She’s so much better off with you.”

Why to avoid?

These may sound like compliments, but they have many unintended consequences and are based on unhealthy assumptions. First, we as adoptive parents are the grateful/lucky/blessed ones to get the chance to parent these amazing children. 

Adoption also involves a loss though. Children grieve the loss of what could have been—the loss of their birth family raising them, the loss of a sense of connectedness, the loss of important medical and social history. It doesn’t matter how difficult the situation of their adoption was—it is still a loss.

As adoptive parents we walk through that loss with our children, acknowledging that pain and grieving with them. Focusing on how “lucky” they are denies children the right and space to grieve the real loss they have experienced. 

It also glorifies us as adoptive parents when in reality we are no different than any other parents. We wanted to be parents, so we became parents through adoption and we love our children. There is nothing heroic about that. Implying that there is sends the message to our children that it takes special people to love them, that somehow the love their parents have for them is charity.   (from an education adoption webpage) 

I hope this encourages you wherever you are at in your journey.

***If you are interested in learning more about adoption and services we provide at Christian Adoption Consultants, I would love to chat! Feel free to email me, Fallon Palacios, at   Fallon@christianadoptionconsultant.com and check out www.christianadoptionconsultants.com for more information!! ***

Monday, September 23, 2019

Dave and Cate's Adoption Story of Perseverance

It was such a pleasure to work with Dave and Cate in their adoption journey. I remember the first time we talked and heard their story of being active with a local adoption attorney for over a year but felt like they were slipping through the cracks. They experienced a devastating loss and didn't know how to move forward. They waited with such hope and anticipation but were starting to become discouraged. Then they heard about CAC and reached out in faith. They had fears about even being chosen because they were already parents and were told that they were "less desirable" because of their 8 year old son. But Jesus doesn't work that way, He knows that when we step out in faith amazing things happen. And this is their story, despite being told in the past it would take years, EIGHT weeks after becoming an active family were chosen by an expecting mom who would complete their forever family. 



"The pregnancy with our first son was very difficult and when we heard that we would be unable to conceive another child we decided to look into adoption. Our son was diagnosed with Autism, so we put off adoption for a few more years to make sure he was getting everything he needed. Once we finally made the decision to move forward with adoption we quickly completed our home study and signed up with a local attorney. We were told that a match could take years because we had an older son which made us “less desirable” to expectant moms. We didn't know how to take that news, but we did know that we had a passion inside us to walk along an expecting mom and walk fully ahead towards adoption.


In February we were matched through our attorney and were so excited to finally complete our family. However, we were devastated when we got to the hospital and found out that this precious baby boy was born with a fatal condition and placed on life support and we were told we wouldn't be able to bring him home. We were wrecked for his mom, for his life he could have lived, and we went home in utter disbelief.  We felt like we were shells of who we were before. It took a long time for us to feel "normal" again and even though we knew adoption was rooted deep in our hearts we had no idea how to move forward. We needed support, guidance, prayer, and above all someone who was going to care for these expecting families incredibly well. 

I knew I could not give up on the dream God put in my heart, so I continued to wait for a possible match through our attorney but never heard anything. On various adoption Facebook pages, I kept hearing about Christian Adoption Consultants. I was shocked at how quick people were getting chosen by expecting moms and how you could sign up with multiple agencies at one time while having a consultant guide you through the process. Someone to actually care about my family and guide us through the process, that seemed so foreign from what I had experienced so far. I spoke to my husband and we decided to go for it. I contacted CAC and got a call from their amazing consultant Fallon. She told me about the ethical standards they had,  their low wait time, how to do adoption well, her amazing adoption story and it just seemed too good to be true, but I took a leap of faith and was signed up with CAC the next business day. Fallon created a beautiful profile book for my family and we were matched through one of their agencies in June (within the month of signing with CAC). About a week after the match the expectant mom had changed her mind and although we were happy she felt empowered to parent, we were heartbroken again. But this time I had Fallon right there to help me through the heart ache and to remind me that God had a plan for my family, also the agency CAC had matched through encouraged us and let us know that they would continue leading us well. 

Well God and the agency were true to their promises, and on July 14that 3:30 am I got a call that a mom wanted us to be the parents to her baby boy and she was currently on the way to the OR for an emergency c section. We met our son in the Utah in the NICU at 1:00pm that day because he was born early and right when I saw him I knew that even single step was worth it. The agency and Fallon were in contact with me throughout the whole experience and we never ever felt alone. The NICU staff in Utah was amazing and we brought our healthy baby home July 21, 2019. We named him Phoenix and he stands boldy in his name.  We had a wonderful experience with Fallon and with CAC and the agency they found for us.  I wish we would have known that there was a company like CAC in the beginning that cared about us through every single step of the process. Fallon was always encouraging, a phone call away at all times, and our family is now complete because of that step of faith." - Cate 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Joey and Danielle's Adoption Story

When I first chatted with Joey and Danielle I could hear in their voice the passion they had for adoption. This would be their second time adopting through Christian Adoption Consultants and their arms and hearts were ready to grow their family again. Only 6 weeks after they became an active family they were chosen!  Watching their faithfulness in leaning into the wait time and trusting Jesus was beautiful to witness. They said yes with open hearts to a sweet baby boy who had already been born and what felt like minutes later they were chosen and packed up their car to drive to Florida. Watching their story unfold and seeing how beautifully they embraced their son's birth mom was incredible. I loved working with them and felt so grateful to walk side by side in this journey with them. Read their story below and feel encouraged. 


"My husband and I began growing our family through adoption a few years ago. Our first adoption was a rollercoaster of all the things that began with working with a  local agency for a year and then changing over to CAC after the local agency closed their adoption program unexpectedly. Through that journey we really grew stronger in our faith and closer as a couple. The experience with CAC with our first adoption was wonderful. We felt well supported and prepared. As much as one can prepare with adoption. Without hesitation we knew that we would be reaching out to CAC again when we felt called to continue to grow our family. 

Our second adoption match happened rather quickly but it wasn’t without its ups and downs. We were grateful to have our consultant, Fallon to pray for us and walk along side us before and after the match. It is such a blessing to have someone in your corner that has walked a similar road. She was knowledgeable and so genuine. It was such a pleasure to work with her. 

In 2018 we felt some strong tugs on our heart to start the adoption process again. In September 2018 we started working with Fallon with CAC. We met with our social worker in September also to have our home study updated, took some family photos in October for our new profile book, and then we WAITED…. which is hard to do even when it is your second adoption and “you know what to expect”.  Just when you think you know what to expect, or that you have it all planned out perfectly,  the other shoe drops. So we thought that our homestudy would be approved by Mid October or early November.  After all it was just an update. We were told that the state was backed up with completing background checks and it was taking 8-10 weeks for clearance. Just a few weeks  before Christmas, after multiple calls/emails to check status, we found out that one of our applications had been rejected back in September when it was received because it was missing the smallest detail. An e-mail had been sent out to us to notify us, but we never saw it. WOW. Clearly this was a God thing. We needed to slow down as our baby wasn’t quite ready for us yet. We made the corrections, sent back the documents immediately and requested that the application please be reviewed sooner rather than later. We knew of course this would only happen if it was part of God’s timing. Thankfully for our eager hearts it was. The week before Christmas we got our approval from the state and our SW had the finalized home study for us the day after Christmas!! Fallon had our beautiful profile book ready for us to print weeks before so now we were ready to start seeing situations after the holidays! 

We saw several situations over the next 5 weeks. Each of us would review the situation and then we would agree to present or not. We presented to a few before our match. The “No’s” were hard to hear, but we were confident that God would not let us miss OUR baby.  While we were waiting, we learned about a sweet baby boy that was 2 weeks old in the NICU waiting for his forever family. There was something about him that tugged at my heart. However, we were still waiting to hear back from an expecting mom we were saying yes to. Praying for her and that she would have peace and clarity in whatever she chose. We waited a few weeks for an update to find out that she was choosing another family. Later that week we received a call from Fallon. That sweet baby boy in the NICU that had been born 2 weeks ago still needed a forever family. His mom had reviewed 9 profiles and was requesting more. WHAT?! We FedExed our profile books that Friday afternoon so that they would arrive by Monday. Mama “K” said when she saw our profile she knew. We packed up and drove through the night to meet our boy! We spent 5 days with Grayson in the NICU before he was discharged and then only waited a shocking 2 days for ICPC clearance. While we were there we had some good visits with Mama “K”. They were extremely emotional visits, but I’m so glad that we  had those moments so that I can share them with Gray as he grows up. Each of our boys have their own unique story, and we feel so incredibly blessed that we were chosen to raise them. We will never regret saying yes! " 

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Karen and David's Story

The first time I talked to Karen and David on the phone I loved how they shared their story of what brought them to this place of saying YES. They were tendered hearted, full of faith, and believing that Jesus had them every single step of their journey. It was so much fun creating their profile book and getting to know their lives in the Pacific Northwest more and more and see how their love for each other would turn into a deep love for their daughter and her birth mom. I enjoyed working with them so much and could not be more excited to watch them become parents for the first time. Here is their story:

In Karen's Words- 

Today, as my husband so wonderfully reminded me, is the one year anniversary of us calling up the Christian Adoption Consultants number and signing up for the ride of our lives. Looking back and remembering each stage, each up and down of our rollercoaster, the biggest stability and hugest blessing we clung to was God's 

He was faithful in leading us to CAC and allowing us to work with our incredible consultant, Fallon Palacios. With each stage and each new obstacle, God provided in so many questions being easily and quickly answered because CAC was always supportive and on our case. God was ever present in the little and tedious things...the paperwork and countless signatures involved that constantly cramped our hands. He provided us with a quick and smooth homestudy with very few hiccups. Our family profile book, as daunting as it seemed to complete, was quickly and beautifully constructed by our CAC consultant. What a blessing! And after mailing countless manilla envelopes to countless addresses, the next phase of presenting to birth mothers commensed. In each rejection, God reminded us that HE had the perfect plan for us. The "nos" were there for a reason, no matter how hard they were to hear. Then, when we heard that "yes", we celebrated yet again God's neverending faithfulness to us. 

We are so blessed to now have our beautiful little girl living in our home. However hard the wait was, we can honestly say God's hand was in EACH day of that nail biting, impatient waiting.  Because we now can look into our daughter's eyes and see her smile back at her mommy and daddy. What a precious sight! And it is our deep and fervent prayer that this beautiful girl will learn of God's faithfulness in her own unique journey. 

***If you are interested in learning more about adoption and services we provide at Christian Adoption Consultants, I would love to chat! Feel free to email me, Fallon Palacios, at   Fallon@christianadoptionconsultant.com and check out www.christianadoptionconsultants.com for more information!! ***